red line

I met you in a crowded place
Planet of the apes yeah we were driftin’
In and out of my place
A moment didn’t go bye
Oh you loved the way we taste
But you started something new
And now I’m done with you

You wrecked my life up after you
Tried to burn my light up
Funny thing is girl
I’m fucking dynamite

I went back to my place
After I saw the look on your face
And I went
Fuck you too
Yeah fuck you too
And I was lying
Just not at the time
I didn’t know that
We were just a waste of time

Trapped oh
Trapped In a hole.
And my only company was just ahhh you
If it wasn’t for your lies you’d probably smack me in my mouth
I guess I’m not bothered when you said those
Four words
Ohhh yeah

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