Why you tryin’ to kill the party?
I’m just tryin’ to ease my mind.
You say it’s me but,
Maybe it’s you who’s blind?
You don’t know the pain,
I’m just tryin’ to divide.
I want the good life,
But that’s just a lie, so;
I’m gonna party until,
I can create mine.
Living for the day,
We’re all running out of time.
I’ll probably die before,
I ever get the sign,
And I promise that’s fine.

Been down;
To pick myself back up.
Deep emotions,
Overflowin’ my cup.
Lied dormant too long,
Now I’m;
About to erupt.
Just when you thought,
Enough was enough,
Here comes the uppercut.
I’ll just keep avoiding the truth,
100 proof to drown the proof.
Can’t you see;
I’m running from my feelings here,
Oh wait…
I’ve already used that excuse.
Bottle of Grey Goose,
To get my mind loose.
I’m like a stick of dynamite,
Burnin’ out my fuse,
I refuse to choose rehabilitation.
This life is;
Mine for the makin’,
I don’t mind;
The mess I’m creatin’,
They say good things,
Come with time,
Well I’ve been patient.
Not gonna wait until,
My bones become ancient.
They say the body is sacred,
A temple;
Well mines been vacant.
Trust me;
I’ve tried and,
That ain’t me,
Just being complacent.
Why must I wait?
Let the good times roll,
While I disintegrate.
I wanna take marijuana,
And make it evaporate.
I wanna have drinks,
And conversate.
Quit tryin’ to play doctor,
And evaluate;
My head.
Forget them words you said,
I ain’t gonna be force fed,
Your bullshit article threads,
You probably read online,
Scrolling through in bed.
There will be plenty of time,
For me to repent for my sins,
When I’m dead.

One thing I’ve learned,
The party must always end.
If it doesn’t;
Then your life will never,
Truly begin.
Hoppin’ around from,
Sin to sin;
Just wonderin’,
If you’ll meet with peace again.
You can be the clown,
That never settles down.
Floatin’ around,
On the ninth cloud,
Take a look now,
Are you proud,
At what you’ve become?
Bank account,
With an empty sum,
But your liver is still,
Distilled within,
A bottle of rum.
Nicotine in your lungs,
Dip of chew in your gums.
Spending every cent you make,
From your worthless job,
On things that make you numb.
Might as well just,
Overdose on novacaine.
We all harbor pain,
But that’s no excuse to,
Inject your veins,
And send your brain,
Off into space.
So much potential,
What a waste.
It’s not as impressive,
As you think;
To go weeks straight,
Mind untraced,
Shoes unlaced,
Can’t stick;
To your own pace.
Always gone,
Never in the same place,
For too long.
Drowning in the bong,
All your sad songs.
Dreaming of;
Pretty women in thongs,
Instead of your actual dreams.
Life unthreaded,
At the seams,
Just a hot tea pot,
Blowing steam.
Living the nightmare,
Of another drug fiend.
Trying to get by,
By any means,
Except from hard work,
Because you feel like,
You don’t have to earn things.
You can’t be a peasant,
And live like the king’s.
Success is what,
Patience & dedication brings.
Save yourself while you can,
Because your days are counting,
Don’t be another poor soul,
Tossed into an empty grave,
Buried underground.
Because when the party,
Comes to an end,
Who’s gonna be around?

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