Amidst the flight,
Through skies,
Ocean blue;
And crystal white,
I feel the flames ignite.
My ideology,
Of what’s contrite,
Slips my sight,
So I take a new life,
In the dead of night.
Yeah; That’s right.

I’m both,
To the;
Bipolar opposites,
Make my moods,
The saddest and,
The cheeriest,
Why so serious?
Tell me;
You hearin’ this?
You feelin’ me?
Let me show you,
What’s concealing me,
And the vices I use,
That I think are healing me,
But they only hurt.
Honestly I’m just praying,
That they work.
My mind ain’t,
Somewhere to lurk.
They wanna murk,
Do it with a smirk.
Nice guy;
I ain’t no jerk,
In fact I believe,
This heart’s a perk.
The pain feels,
So much worse,
When drive;
Is stuck in reverse.
Progression inert,
Depression inserts,
It’s nose within,
Natural born sinners.
Tryin’ to be the winner,
Warm up the winter,
Make money like a printer.
Well past done but,
Still pink in the center.
Never owned my soul,
I’m just a renter,
Searching this world,
For adventure,
Despite my expenditure.
Would you;
Give it all up for,
Another chance?
Can you let go,
Of the nevers & cants?
Will you seize opportunity,
Or let it slip,
Within a glance?
You talkin’ about it,
But you never advance.
Speaking with those,
Hypocrite views,
Seeking excuses to abuse,
Creating dramatic news,
With a finger to accuse.
Are you a person,
With everything to lose?
What about your soul?
What about your spirit?
A lot on your mind,
You just can’t clear it,
So instead you fear it.
Applause for no reason,
Everyone loves to cheer it.

Wanna see;
From a brand new,
Diving back into,
The conscious,
So guarded these days,
Everyone’s so protective.
Good thing I’ve made,
Psychology my elective.
Understand others,
With a respective take,
Is the objective.
Memories a bit selective,
Technique not quite,
Resurrected my method,
Could care less if I’m,
Cause’ at least,
I know that I kept it,
Cool, calm, & collected.
No one cares what,
The mess did,
No one cares about,
The message,
Only care enough,
To keep;
They’re name blessid,
But won’t display,
The guts to confess it.
How you can change,
Without the ability to admit?
We must evolve as humans,
That’s literally it.
Gotta get off our bullshit,
And commit;
Our lives to putting out,
The flames lit by,
Our very own pit of lies,
Personal hells,
Separate us from,
Heaven in the skies.
Perhaps this life,
Is heaven in disguise?
Time flies;
When you’re looking,
With unfocused eyes.
Forgive your enemies,
Life is so much better,
Without despise.

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