Absent Minded

Walkin through this ghostland. the things we drive
All around this town
Trying to catch what we lost
I wish, the difference between me
And them was bigger
Keeps the wolf
Locked up. He’s ready for the fight.
These words aren’t simple
My heart has turned cold
Why don’t you just go. go.

Everyday is the same
Blood is bad. Blood has gone stale
Keep away says the mirror
Just another line
Read between them
Like-minded ones are not enough
Your plans turned to dust

Yeah, I’m Absent-minded –
— just a little bit tired – I can admit
You called out I cut you down
but tonight, this one lie
this one day

ill just be absent-minded
it’s all just nonsense
ill just be absent-minded
carry me onward. Carry me onward.
I’ll just be…
all this time I thought I knew
wolf don’t go looking for your own
cause soon you’re gonna be gone
soon tell me I’m wrong
tell me whats wrong
the end


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