New Love

she tells me she wants a new love
she tells me she’s tired of the same life
I can’t help but walk in these shoes
wont you just give me a break
were trying to work
don’t give me that look
the fuck did you do that for?
I didn’t even mean it like that
My lover left me last night
I watched as she walked on with just the moonlight
I sent her down on her way now
black and blue im gonna be alright
elusive girl took me down
like a tree falling making no sound
I act this way, only on the outside
I wish I didn’t have to spell it outright
if I do – then it means it’s not right
just throw me a bone
give me a sign
who am I kidding
I’m just afraid of my life
I’m just cornered by my walls
I wanted YOU to be the one to be my ride or die
don’t try and pick me apart
my mind is too big and too spaced apart
at 22 you were the love of my life
maybe just a moment
ill take it
ill be alright


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