It’s the white sheep,
Turned black.
Why’s everyone,
Gotta point out,
What I lack?
I mean really,
Who here;
Has got the facts?
They cut me deep,
Just to drip;
My blood like wax.
I don’t know why they,
Gotta take my faults,
And stretch em’ to the max.
The fragments of my life,
Separated into acts,
I’ve penned these chapters,
Of lust, greed, and wrath.
The whole sinful seven,
To be exact.
Not a single soul,
Knows innocence.
Karma’s always on the,
Edge with imminence.
I’m only an artist,
Using his instruments,
The thoughts,
On my existence,
Constructive ways,
My mind invents.
No apology for,
The explicit contents,
I myself must face,
My own consequence.
I was there;
Don’t need to be reminded,
Of my past events.
You ask why I keep to myself?
It’s because the world’s intense.
I can see it; I can feel it,
I breathe it in like incense.
Fakers always on the fence,
Of defense;
Can’t take the same,
Fire they dispense.
Them hail mary’s,
Won’t repent,
Our sins are wet cement.
This time on earth is spent,
Listen up ladies & gents,
Who here knows;
The irrelevance of,
The crushing pressures,
Spiritually immense.
Packaged & condensed,
My fragile heart,
Nailed in the crate.
I made my mistakes,
But they used,
Sharpie on my slate,
Can’t wipe them away,
They must know my fate.
They like when I help them,
But they never do appreciate.
They think I don’t know but,
Trust me; I assimilate,
And no; I’m not open to negotiate.
Pegged the scapegoat that allows,
You to exonerate,
Yourself from the responsibilities,
That obligate;
So I paid the attention,
To compensate.
Easy to hate,
Not many can relate.
Once upon a time,
I used to sedate,
Until I’d detonate,
All because y’all,
Made me feel,
Less then great,
Like I wasn’t,
Worth the wait.
You used me,
As fishing bait.
Don’t contemplate,
You only complicate.
Why facilitate;
What I illustrate,
When you can’t even,
From your poisonous,
Mind state,
Long enough to,

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