Just My Type…

Finding someone to love in this day & age is quite hard. Most things are digital now, most of us have trust issues, and harshly judge each other, even before we know each other… Often times, we fall in love from just observing. You see someone attractive, you watch. How they speak, how they smile, how the act attracts us. Hmm… they seem just like “my type”. Remember this, we fall in love with the person they want us to think they are. That’s why we find out things about each other down the road that completely change our view on them. Perhaps you think you’ve met “prince charming” until you find out he has anger issues. Perhaps you think you’ve found your “perfect princess” only to find out she has a promiscuous side. Strangers wear masks, slowly bleeding out who they are over time, and perhaps they end up being who you thought after all. If so; congratulations! You got lucky. Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky. Now; we often build a profile or pattern for our “type”. Which is usually someone who intrigues us, someone we wish to experience things with & learn from. It’s usually someone who does certain things that we are too afraid to do. This is a big reason why women love bad boys. They have a certain swagger, they present to the world. Confidence shows quite the stain. Realize these “types” we create turn into patterns. We go for the same types of men/women. Perhaps you like confidence, look back on your love history. Do they all/some present confidence? Maybe. Perhaps you like fixing people, look back on your love history. Do they all/some seem broken? Maybe. Perhaps you like sex, look back on your… Okay you get the point. Now, account these relationships & see, which ones worked? Well, none did if they are ex’s. Now, I’m not preaching all types are hazardous, but if you’re consistently getting screwed over by a particular type, then apparently your “type” is not your type. Watch the patterns. You’re falling for toxicity. Just my opinion, but perhaps you should reevaluate who you wish to love, because your “type” right now, just isn’t working. I know those self destructive tendencies can be addicting.. but they’re never worth it. I see many women say “all guys suck!” No, your taste in guys suck. I see many men say “all women just break your heart”. No; you break your own heart, because you love their toxic nature’s. Toxic lovers know how to have fun, sure. But they also know how to make you hurt, because toxic people are prone to self sabotage. It’s easy to fall in love, but sometimes they won’t be there to catch you when you fall, even when you believe they will. I hope every relationship works out, I truly do, and I hope what I said doesn’t apply to you. But if it does, then just ponder this, that’s all I ask.

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