What’s Your Passion..?

Dreams, they sure are beautiful aren’t they? But how many of us make them a reality? It’s much easier to dream than it is to put them into action. Maybe your dreams require you to go to college. The thought of college can be quite scary. Do I have enough money? What if I fail? What if I don’t have the time? What if I don’t have what it takes to go to school and work part time? What if my dreams are not realistic? What if I waste my hard earned money? But these are the wrong questions. These questions are not coming from you, they are coming from fear, from self doubt. Some people even have too much pride to go, thinking they can benefit without it. The real question you should ask is: Why would I deny myself a shot at happiness? Because not following your dreams is misery, it’s giving up on that passion burning inside you. We all wanna fly, but yet we clip our wings to the idea of what we call: being realistic. What is in the realm of realistic though? You not being a doctor in a world where we have many doctors? Statistics show that being a doctor is very probable. All you’re doing is making excuses to trap yourselves in a life of perceived comfort. What you’re doing right now works for you, you may not be the happiest, but it does work. Okay; I’m sure it does work, but we both know your soul craves more. That passion inside of you is screaming, slowly dying as you waste away the dreams that kept it alive. I see many people who sacrifice their dreams for comfort, and they become quite bitter people. Short tempered, furious, negative, nihilistic, just waiting to snap on someone at any second to release their own self hatred and pent up anger. I see many people share their dreams, only to get shot down by these bitter people being told: this is a good paying job, it’d be foolish to give it up. Fueling self doubt within others to not pursue their dreams. Realize that these people are jealous, jealous of someone making advances towards a future they themselves did not have the courage to pursue. Despite what all they say, take your chance anyways, because what do they know? They’re the ones who took the easy route. It’s never too late to chase your dreams, you could even inspire them in the process, because everyone is looking to get inspired. So I ask, what’s your passion?? To those who read this, if you’d like to reveal your passion in the comments, please do so. I’ll start: my passion is in Psychology & Human Services. I enjoy studying the mind, human behaviors, and helping people any way that I can! I also have a passion for writing, and even music! 

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