Gods atmosphere

Windy days in a chilly haze

Its what surrounds in my fucked up maze.

A confusion of self without a mask

Beating the torment with shards of broken glass.

Ripping up the person you know and feel

To try and find the part that doesn’t show but’s ideal.

A level of unknown that resides within

Like a beast that’s just waiting for its astonishing win.

Capturing fragments of my unholy sins and sinking me down to the dark parts of grim.

With the tiny amount of hope inside

I climb up the rope that’s dangling from way up high.

Just to stand on my own two feet and walk into the sunset that burning to be complete.

That’s the cycle of madness swimming in my head, been there for many days on end.

Guess I got lost going in so deep

Only to realize that I was just asleep.

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