If you don’t love me so,
Then you need to let me go,
Or if you do; Then you need to,
Find the guts to let me know,
Life’s too short to take this slow.
You can drown me,
Or deprive me of water,
But I will still grow.
Got things,
To do;
Don’t interrupt,
My flow.
These tears,
They fall;
Like snow.
I hope;
You never know,
It’s like to row,
Your boat,
Completely alone.
It’s a lonely feeling,
That chills the bone,
When isolation,
Gets sown.
You’re far from perfect,
Now put down the stone,
There’s no need,
For one to be thrown.

I know my worth,
But you treat me,
Much worse.
Head in the clouds,
To escape this curse,
I hate this Earth,
I didn’t at first,
Now humanity’s,
In the hearse.
Stuck between,
Rhyming some more,
And ending this verse.
I just want;
These burdens,
To disperse.
Do you know,
You make me feel?
Shame on you,
For making me think,
That this was real.
Broke my heart,
Cut me apart,
Left me alone,
To heal.
Cocked the pistola,
Loaded me with steel.
Then you come back,
With knee’s to kneel,
Begging to repeal,
Previous statements,
Once revealed.
Effing with my head,
It’d be best,
If you just kept,
Your lips sealed.
Tf is your deal?
I saw the real you,
Until the surface peeled.
Is this for real?
Well I don’t want you back,
So just let me heal.
You loved me but,
Took me for granted.
Your perception,
Of love;
Must be slanted.
You left me,
With doubt planted,
Bitterness; So rancid,
In my thoughts,
They bloom;
With gloom consumed,
Forever entombed,
By my insecurity.
Why do the ones I love,
Always gotta hurt me?
Guess it goes to show,
That it’s never,
A good idea to fall,
In love with uncertainty.
This mental purgery,
Has given me urgency,
To reevaluate,
The worth of my currency.
Put your knives away,
This ain’t surgery,
But you bled me anyways,
Left me dripping bloody burgundy.
Please; Call the EMT,
This right here is an emergency.

You better;
Appreciate me,
For who tf I be.
I don’t care who I was.
All that matters now,
Is exactly what you see.
I may be delusional,
Towards discrepancy,
Just between you & me,
There can’t be a we,
Without having the key,
To unlock our love,
Setting us free.
But was there love,
To find;
Or just debris?
You better;
Appreciate me,
For who tf I be,
If you don’t,
Want me to leave.
Then release my sleeve.
I’ll be long gone,
You better believe.

You lost something special,
You lost something true,
Hope he don’t break your heart,
Like you did mine too,
You’ll need more than glue,
To put yourself back together.
We’ll see how it feels,
When you lose me forever,
Maybe you’ll care.
But me?
Nahh never again.
Maybe you’ll learn,
To appreciate,
What you’ve got,
In the end.

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