I wanna be good,
I feel so bad.
Never satisfied,
With what I’ve had.
Wanna live rad,
My esteem too sad.
Wake the hell up,
You’re the only reason,
That you’re mad.

You’re such,
A piece of shit,
You’d be better off,
If those wrists,
Were slit.
Bleed it out,
No medicine kit.
What good is wit,
If you’re always lit?
What good is getting fit,
If you’ll never,
Fill that bottomless pit.
Going down like,
A sinking ship,
Life is just one big skit,
So this is exactly,
What you get.
So this is exactly,
What it takes,
To face the stakes.
You asked for it,
Now feast;
Your f__kin plate.
You think you,
Can escape the fate?
Like you can clear,
Your dirty slate?
Good luck mate.
Bad karma;
Don’t just evaporate,
And you’ve got a lot,
Or so I calculate.
For now… but,
Soon you’ll,
Surrender to hate.
Come on;
I know you wanna,
Medicate to alleviate.
You’re too self righteous,
So what’s the wait?
No one likes someone,
Who thinks they’re too great.
Oh that’s right,
You call it “self appreciation”.
Nahh man;
That’s ego inflation,
You’re on the wrong conversation,
Where’s the worth,
In these pointless observations?
Who gave you the voice,
For commentation?
What makes you think that,
You can relate to the population?
Some call it intellegnece,
I call it constipation.
You ain’t got facts,
You ain’t gonna bring,
Still a prisoner to the mind
You claim emancipation.
You’re just a sad boy,
Stretching the exaggeration,
Don’t follow him,
He ain’t got 💩 for navigation,
All he knows is incarceration.

Deep down inside,
You know;
None of that’s true.
Don’t let these,
Explicit thoughts,
Burden you.
You’re not alone,
Everybody else,
Gets them too.
Our minds get,
Black & blue.
Gotta let it out,
To successfully,
Get through.
Some reason,
The topic of,
Mental illness,
These days;
Is extremely taboo.
In fact;
Get ahold of,
The ones you love,
It only takes a few.
See what’s up,
And if there’s anything,
That you can do.
And you’ll boil,
Within the stew,
Of dwindling,
Self esteem.
Everybody’s ego’s,
Caught up;
Chasing cream,
Trying to find,
The I within team,
Stand for yourself,
You’re no support beam.
Get out there & live it,
Stop dreaming the dream,
Gotta experience life,
To know what tf it mean.
Your soul;
Is so powerful,
Don’t let hate,
Steal your gleam.
Don’t let resistance,
You only fall,
Deeper between,
The real world,
And the realm of unseen.
Swinging from the string,
Holding together,
Angel wings.
You must;
First have nothing,
To understand;
The broken concept,
Of everything.

Up & down,
Above & below,
Buried under,
This rotting town.
If you think about it,
What’s lost, is found.
Not present;
In the physical,
The thought came,
Back around.
You can sniff it,
Like a hound,
But; Too much,
Keeps us bound.
It’s easier,
To be negative,
Keeps the crown.
For sometime now,
You’ve been;
Making the vow,
But never following,
It’s now or never,
Either way,
It’s all completely,
Up to you.

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