All I see;
Is galaxy.
All I be;
Is galaxy.
You & me & we,
Is galaxy…
It’s all apart,
Of the;
The soul is,
Much richer,
Than some,
You’re not defined,
What you make,
Stand for yourself,
Don’t sit cowardly.
For your inability,
Only makes you,
Act sourly.
I welcome thee,
To galaxy.
Come with me,
To a place,
Where we can be,

All I know,
Is the world beyond.
Spiritually I know,
For; We have a bond.
Comsic laws,
Yet; I still get wronged,
Swear I never belonged.
I dive deep,
Into my memories keep,
Looking for reasons,
As to why I weep.
Vicious wolf among,
Sleeping sheep,
Yet; Despite,
All these teeth,
I’m still too afraid,
To make a peep.
Perhaps; I lacked,
The faith to leap.
After all;
Lower class,
Gets kicked around,
By the elites,
While wearing cleats.
Society says,
They got what I need,
To feel complete.
Insanity kept;
My ways on repeat.
I tried for many years,
But never felt unique.
True happiness,
Will never appear,
On a purchase receipt.
So I searched for myself,
Opened my mind, wider;
Than any acid sheet,
Ever could.
Flesh scorched,
Caught fire like wood,
And freed myself,
From where I stood.
Fuck; It feels good.

Everything is mine…
Everything is mINe…
The universe,
Is IN me.
Everything is yours…
Everything is yOURS…
Without the galaxy,
We’d be empty.
This life here,
Is Oh;
So precious.
I keep my chakras,
Tuned in;
To the universe’s,
Lord knows,
I got a lot;
Of wreckage,
But there’s hope,
That I can resurrect,
All that I’ve;
Second guessed.
In a world of sadness,
Just trying,
To keep my soul blessed.
All my sins,
In due time will,
Be confessed.
Imprisoned for now,
As my spirit stays dressed.
I’ve got more love,
Than what beats in my chest.
I’ve got more love,
To share but,
The galaxy gets the rest.
Used to be depressed,
I mean; I still am but,
I do my best.
Is something,
To invest.
Grew tired of,
Letting negativity,
My stomach,
Couldn’t quite,
I vomit up,
Of stars.
Followed the martian,
On his way back to Mars.
I bleed celestial bodies,
From these scars.
While I’m bumping,
Saturn’s Barz,
In my tesla space car.
All you must do,
Is open your heart,
Mind to get this far.

I’m outta this world,
Light years away.
I’m outta this world,
Light years & light years,
Light years away…
I’m outta this world,
Earth ain’t where,
I’m trying to stay.
I’m outta this world,
Just let me,
Float out here; Okay?

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