Ignorance gonna kill us all.
Nahh it’s just a mere flaw,
Or whatever you call.
Forget that warning label,
That you saw,
You see the truth,
But back to temptation you fall.
Have another big fat burger,
Chalk full of cholesterol.
Ignore the surgeon general’s,
Warning against cigarettes & alcohol.
Nihilism breaking down the wall,
You only get one life,
And you wanna have a ball,
Ignorance that voice,
Telling you to get fucked up,
And scream fuck the law.
Ignorance gonna kill us all.

Drunk car wrecks,
To rough sex,
We glamorize,
Love & death.
Fuck to feel,
Fuck to heal,
Keep concealed,
The things;
We won’t reveal.
Dictract ourselves,
From the things,
That’s real.
You love to get,
Unless it’s over,
So what’s the deal?
We either trust too much,
Or not enough.
Some mess around,
But their;
Souls never touch.
Pretend love,
So loneliness got,
A crutch;
Keep true feelings,
On hush.
Distract ourselves,
With the thrill,
Masters of the art,
We obtained the skill.
Like our music trill,
But them;
Subliminal messages,
Just a drill;
Twisting on overkill.
Over the edge you spill,
Blinded by the words that fill.
Impressionable minds brewing,
You let false facts distill.
Who you trying to believe?
Can’t you not use,
Your own eyes & mind,
To perceive?
Musicians & actors,
Live a fantasy life.
They’ve achieved,
All their dreams so,
Their path must be right.
Idle eyes; Idolize,
Them into the spotlight,
Til all hope of truth,
Escapes sight.
Can fight,
With all your might,
The star’s always,
Gonna shine bright,
In the dead of night.
Fun under the fahrenheit,
Selling pheromones,
To satisfy these horny bones.
Dial 1-800 on the telephones,
So you don’t have to feel,
So alone.
Existential crisis,
Is prone;
To find it’s way home,
Nested within,
The inside of your dome.
But that’s okay cause’,
We got artificial food,
And water filled,
With lead & chrome.

You see;
Money will buy you,
Kush & hennessy.
Two substances we use,
To fill the empty,
Parts of our souls,
That lack the energy,
To inspire happiness within.
Trade accomplishments for sin,
These days;
Escapism is the only way,
To get a grin, sitting back;
To watch the wheels spin,
Let the cycles begin.
Rough day;
So you crack a bottle,
Killing the thoughts,
In your mind that throttle.
Trying to coddle,
Your insecurities,
Instead of embracing,
Your impurities.
Acting like;
You’re the only one,
Living in uncertainty,
You can see the bigger picture?
Peeking through smoke clouds,
As you pour up another mixture.
You runaway,
From the trauma you hold.
Instead of taking it on,
You just fold into a paper mold,
Of someone who,
Could care less about,
What the science has told.
Will make you take,
Your own life.
Will make you see,
The wrong but,
Make it feel so right.
Gotta stop following,
The false light,
Gotta stop trying,
To reach that height.
Why you gotta leave,
The physical?
Why you trying to,
Be invisible?
Do you really believe,
You can live life dismissible,
And think consequences,
Are unconditional?
Just because you won’t admit,
Doesn’t mean;
You can live hypocritical.
But somehow,
Being human makes,
This behavior typical,
So pitiful.

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