Better catch yourself.
Better watch your health.
Better watch your wealth,
They’re gonna,
Snatch it with stealth.
Down the slope,
Watch your,
Entire world melt.
You’ll learn quick,
No one gives a f__k,
How you felt.
You’re all alone,
When it comes to,
The cards that dealt.
Better watch yourself.

I can feel…
I can feel myself,
Back on my knees,
Still crawling.
Optics unfocused,
Eye balling;
Situations that,
Ain’t even my calling.
Bout the wrong things,
Just stalling,
Trying to tame,
This beast of mine,
Between dead inside,
And much too alive,
Mental overdrive,
Somehow speeding,
And I still survive,
Yet I’m comatose,
And paralyzed.
Darkness watches,
With it’s pair of eyes.
Voices in my head,
Tell me I’m;
Running out of,
F__king time.
Even remind myself,
With a pointless rhyme.
We’re all oozing sin,
Nickelodeon slime.
Think I’ll just make,
Quiet like a mime,
Bout to serve a dime.
You know;
I won’t sell out,
For the crime,
Can’t own up for 💩,
So down;
The slope I slide.

Wake up; Shape up,
Don’t blame it,
On the genetic make up.
How long;
Can you keep the fake up?
Easier just to take,
The minimum wage pay cut.
Something inside,
Is telling you to escape,
Escape what?
Don’t let insecurity,
Keep your mouth shut.
I promise;
We all know what,
It’s like in the rut.
Come out of the hut,
Full strut;
Stop letting resistance,
Kick your butt.
Kill your persistence,
Treating you like,
A cheap dirty slut.
Sliding down the slope,
Don’t get stuck,
When you bottom out.
You can ponder what,
This life is all about.
If you’re not watching,
You might miss your route.
You can’t have invisible doubt,
Shout & pout as much,
As you want;
But I bet you didn’t account,
That it was you who,
Lacked the sufficient amount,
So you purchased,
From the apothecary,
These may help,
Results may vary.
You could find relief,
Or end up;
Buried within the cemetery,
Unless you can think,
Of something,
As equally scary.
Got you slittin’ veins,
Bursting capillaries,
Concerned too much,
About what weight,
Your name carries.
I know us humans,
Love comparing,
Not necessarily,
For sharing;
But for ego blaring,
The cross baring.
With outsiders staring,
Judgement declaring.
Not enough caring,
In this world so cold,
Better believe,
This world’s been sold.
Never too old to live bold,
Never too told to behold,
Never too young,
To collapse three fold,
Happens; Even to the,
Strongest of people.
But right now,
This the prequel,
So grab tight
Keep hold.

It’s a slippery slope,
When you dance,
With the dope,
Under the lens of,
A microscope,
Can you see it though?
Blinded through,
Truth calls for,
A bigger defense.
Stars; Falling out,
Of sequence,
Seems you’ve lost,
The frequency,
Parallel universe,
In symmetry.
For the wrong reasons,
With the wrong energy.
A dangerous outcome,
Mixed up chemically.
Simple chemistry,
Can’t let this life be,
The end of me.
I am;
My best ally,
And my own,
Worst enemy.

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