just a rhyme – not a rhythm

Explicit Thoughts
not always sunshine and rays
they’re always the most extreme ones
sometimes they’re not fun to listen to
sorry to use your site as a platform for my –
trapped, anxiety-filled, ill ridden explicit thoughts
maybe someone like me will drop in and read them
maybe I can connect and show em they’re not a lone wolf surviving
I tend to focus on the crap but we all have the light glowing bright within us
mimic my thoughts and ill show you some of my true colors
and for the lone wolf I suggest you go on a walk and see em
I often lay outside and listen to the breeze and just stop thinkin
lone wolf I suggest you find something to release some cathartic reasoning
I know a hundred ways to bring myself out of a slump stop reading
take a coffee break or find somewhere peaceful and calming
bring some food and water just relax and focus on your surroundings
take a hike or just a long walk, I don’t know you or what you like to pursue
but I know those things help take away the stress of the four walls your probably sittin in
If your anything like a lone wolf you’re gonna need some open space to run in
work weeks tend to either allow you to escape or it’s just a momentary pause
before you start relapsing
there’s a million different people right around you that don’t even know you
but they would trade their time just to show you
there’s a life ahead of you
but you say there’s a billion other things soaked in pain all around you
you say whats the point?
well I don’t know how to answer you without doing so cautiously
just don’t get caught up in that mess because after all were just a small blip on the radar
so why shouldn’t you focus on yourself? Get out and travel even if it’s by yourself
I wouldn’t mind seeing a waterfall right now
have you done that lone wolf? For me or anyone else?
fix up the house, clean the room, take care of your self and your stuff
it’s all just smoke and mirrors though but if you take care of both.
you got a cleaner slate and made some room for the next moment or two
maybe your loved one is wondering why you come off so apathetic
ok maybe you just come off like that – its how you said it. They have demons too don’t forget that. Everything gets passed on so don’t sweat it. Take what you can and it’ll find its way out I promise you. Show them how your feeling and don’t forget that they love you.
maybe you don’t have one – so go out and find them along your way
loneliness can kill. you’re not the only one who feels like an outsider.
explicit thoughts. they’re not made for the ones who are sound and well off

just forget it

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