one act of kindness

One act of kindness
Can change someone’s life around
One moment where you stop thinking
And you just know what to say
One moment in a time of need
Not they knew consciously
Soaking up my self is just gonna hurt
Thanks for the moment you gave me
I constantly try and reach down there
I can see that I’m just hopeless and afraid
The window is high and the flames burn
Thanks for the time of day
When I reach down I know I just need. A moment or two
I’m sorry I’m just hurting today
Yesterday was a lot better I know
But then you go and only scratch the surface
Care about just your needs
Don’t know just how much anguish
I burden every moment
why can’t you see?
I can’t spell it out for you
Every time you see
The fact I have to spell it out for you
Means your too far away from me
Yesterday was a lot better I know
But today I’m gonna be okay
The sun shines outside and I hear the birds at play
Maybe only what I think of them but its great for me to be that way
Maybe tomorrow the sun will still be shining
The grey won’t be all-consuming
I just need to write it out and see it
It helps make it all lighter for me to hold it
One act of kindness
Changed my mind today
One moment of not understanding
Threw me off my tracks today
It’s a vicious circle
Passed them on to you today

the next will be a bit better


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