Mary Jane…
Here she comes,
To numb the pain…
Mary Jane…
Here she comes,
When thunder rains…
Mary Jane…
Here she comes,
When ones,
Brain’s insane…
Mary Jane…
Here she comes,
To numb the pain…
She lives;
Swimming through,
My thoughts & veins…
Mary Jane…
Such a beautiful name…

Lit up the kush,
For a confidence push.
Ballin’ up my thoughts,
Like Nike Swoosh.
Writing my madness,
To relieve my sadness,
You’d think I,
Hunger these games,
Like Katniss,
Instead I get,
Buried like cat piss.
This stress is a mess,
So I’ve been puffing,
That sweet pine,
That cactus.
Things to do but,
I stay;
Tucked away,
Within the mattress.
My girl an actress,
Mary Jane always been,
By far the baddest.
There goes my attention,
Feedback is static.
About Mary’s magic,
To the point that,
I became an addict,
Unbalanced moderation,
Damn; How tragic.
Had to let it,
Become a habit,
Infest the thoughts,
Sleeping within,
My unconscious attic.
Controlling my mind,
Been running away from,
My problems all the time.
That Dimebag Darrell,
To feel fine; Only to find,
That I have been confined,
To this internal trauma of mine.
Damn; How could I have been,
So blind to let myself fall behind?

I call on the name,
Of Mary Jane,
To relieve the pain,
But is she really,
Keeping me sane,
Destroying my brain?
Half what’s inhaled,
Is tainted with butane,
Not to mention,
Fear of the shame,
Be givin’ the blame,
Treating her like,
Alcohol ain’t close,
To the same,
It’s much better.
Just know I scripted,
The danger in this letter.
Did you do it cause’,
You followed a trend setter,
Only to find out you liked how,
It made you float like a feather?
When you;
Escape the weather,
Turmoil & turbulence,
Twirls together.
Milky hits smooth,
Like leather.
Now look at that bowl,
Look what’s clogging that hole,
Sticky icky resin stuck,
That didn’t make the pull,
Of breath you stole.
We smoke beyond when,
The lungs is full,
Hack & wheeze for,
A breeze;
Oh ain’t it beautiful?
Do you know your levels,
Of dopamine,
The brain chemical?
You can overload,
Those recepticals,
For what;
A spectacle?
The fact you can’t,
Achieve it on your own,
Is unacceptable.
Rolling up that paper,
And glue because,
The contents is vegetal,
For that feeling incredible,
It ain’t such a bad thing,
To be skeptical,
After all;
We’re all susceptible.
When the cravings unquenchable,
Viewpoints become 2 dimensional.
I believe the best way to go,
Would be;
CBD oil or edible.
Frequent usage keeps,
Your nerves unstable,
Thoughts unconventional.
It’s best to save it for,
The festival;
Cause’ Mary Jane,
Ain’t the cure for everything,
Just because it’s medical,
Please remember,
Not all science is 100% credible.
There’s no reason to smoke it up,
Like it’ll save your soul,
Unless you can find self control.
But then again,
What right do I have to say?
For I have been guilty all the same.
Don’t get me wrong,
Mary Jane has medicinal value,
Of course;
As long as you can resist,
Marijuana’s highly addictive force.
You can deny this if you like,
Although; Just know I’ve shown,
The facts despite.

I know some of my readers smoke marijuana. This wasn’t written to slam marijuana, as through my past years I smoked marijuana as well. Tbh, marijuana saved my life on multiple occasions. The intent I had on approaching this topic was to point out those who over use it. Marijuana can be over used, just like any substance can. I’ve met a lot of people through my years that reject this theory, and personally I just don’t understand how one can’t realize the difference between moderation and over usage. As I mentioned, this is not a slam on marijuana, but you will never see me glorify it either. I will not promote to anyone that they SHOULD smoke. It’s not my decision on what you do with your life, I just wanna point out the cons that most pot smokers neglect to take into consideration. If you choose to use marijuana, and are not medically prescribed, then moderate. To those who have their usage under control, congrats! Keep on living life. But please remember also, you do not NEED to seek for happiness within substances, no matter how much you fill that empty void, it will never grow full. Understand, you have the power to accomplish anything in life!

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