I think;
I think I love you,
But you’ll never know.
You’d be blind,
To not see my,
True intentions glow.
You’ve been living so fast,
I’ve been living so slow,
I just can’t;
Keep up with your flow.
I think;
I think I love you,
But you’ll never know.
No; No; No.
Even when,
My heart says go,
You’ll never know.

I know you see me,
From your eyes corner.
Watching you,
Like Time Warner.
Object of my affection,
I withdraw,
For my own protection.
Hoping one day,
I could be the exception,
But I’ll never fit,
The desire of your perception.
What you don’t know,
Is that I would treat you,
With perfection.
I spoke anxious words,
You never let me,
Make my redemption.
I remain in contemption,
Hanging from my own,
Extension chord.
Pierced by;
The freshly crafted,
Lovers sword.
Looking at you baby,
Did you know that,
You’re much adored?
I opened it but,
You slammed the door.
Spitting ice;
You froze my core.
Gave you the option,
Like it’s me or?
But that did not comply.
Guess Cupid shot me up,
Like Columbine.
These feelings stuck me,
Like porcupine.
I never fit the image,
Of a valentine.
All I want for you,
Was a beautiful life,
But instead;
You chose to let those,
Possibilities evaporate.
Thus began,
My self inflicted depression,
That I’d rather not elaborate.
Brain gone haywire,
So I medicate to recalibrate.
A thought of you,
To make me salivate,
I don’t mind the burden,
I’ll eventually,
Get killed by the weight.
I’ve got so much love to give,
And when you just take & take,
That love will never again regenerate.
The wind whispers of pain,
And I allowed that resonate.
Cooked alive,
She put;
The fork in the steak.
Her knife cut me deep,
As I was sliced & placed,
Upon the dinner plate.
Could this feeling,
Ever alleviate?
Ehh; Probably not,
Well if that’s the case,
Then why even judge?
I know your opinion,
Of me will never budge.
I know I shouldn’t doubt,
My self worth but,
No one’s ever given my,
Confidence a nudge.
I’ve just been sitting around,
Feeling sorry.
Ain’t it funny like,
Chris Farley?
Down to my last,
Grain of sanity,
Like barley.
Been blazing like,
Bob Marley;
In the ashes of my heart,
Burnt to a crisp harshly,
Every love;
Has taken me partially.
The amount I get fooled,
Is remarkably,
A beautiful story in the making?
Mind running,
Around it’s track,
Like varsity.
Mood spiced,
Like parsley.
They say life is a party,
But I wasn’t invited.
Stopped letting my hopes,
Get me excited.
Every feeling I fought,
The quiet riot,
Building inside my,
Unsteady climate.
Lately I’ve been,
Flying on autopilot,
Remaining silent,
With thoughts,
Incredibly violent.
A starving heart,
Wasn’t apart;
Of my diet.
Once I get it,
You’ll never pry it,
From my grasp.
Been living;
In a time lapse,
A drought;
Because no one,
Could ever see me,
And what I was about.
Loneliness is a trap,
And I’m afraid,
That I’ll never find,
My way out.

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