The Opened Door…

Knock Knock, “Who’s there?” It’s me, temptation!! “Idk if I should let you in…” Sure you should, come on, it’s just one time! Please!? “Fine, okay..” This indeed, was not okay. So here’s how temptation & the opened door theory works. Say you get tempted to do something, for instance; procrastination. So procrastination starts calling while you have other pending responsibilities. You know you need to go run errands, or whatever ect. But you have this overwhelming urge to not do anything at all. You know you shouldn’t act on it but… You did anyways. Right there in that moment, you opened the door. A door that will be extremely hard to close. Really it’s as simple as closing it (doing the thing that you need to do) but you already put it off once and everything turned out okay, so what’s the harm in doing it again? Maybe you need to get sober, knowing all you have to do is just stop right then & there but you keep telling yourself, “ehh, what’s just one more time? I’ll stop tomorrow” then next thing you know, it’s been 2 weeks… oh shit… Do you see the door you’ve opened now? Temptation will always knock on your door, sometimes even pound. You gotta keep that door closed & locked (do what you need to do in the moment it needs done) because succumbing to temptation once leads you to the strong possibility that, that once will multiply. We all want an easy life, we all want to relax & put off our responsibilities deep down. Life is pretty damn hard sometimes, we all deserve a break right? Until that break turns into an unnecessary vacation. There’s nothing wrong with taking a break, but part of being an adult is doing what you gotta do. Take your breaks when all responsibilities are done, because temptation doesn’t care if you succeed or not, temptation only wants to distract you, to pull you further away from yourself. If you have any opened doors, I suggest closing them while you can. Sometimes if a door is open for to long, more than temptation can eventually walk through. Control what comes & goes, and control yourself, because as humans, we love to self destruct.

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