The Workout Plan…

Let’s talk ego exercise, and what that means. Ego’s; we all have them. Some are good, some are bad, some are balanced, and some have none at all. You see; the ego is your mask. Your wearable confidence, your self entitlement that drives you to be who YOU are, and to get what YOU deserve. It’s how you move on this Earth. We’re all pieces on a chess board. You got pawns, the throwaway pieces that can only move forward, never backwards. They’re the less important pieces, often sacrificed by society (your game plan). These are the people who get pushed around, who don’t voice their opinions, thoughts, feelings, to only further internalize their emotions which in the end only eats them away. These pawns are typically the most depressed, and stricken with mental health issues. When wronged, they don’t speak up. When judged, they just walk away with their heads low instead of standing up and proving themselves worthy. I myself battle with this issue, but I’ve come to see these aspects, and I’m slowly teaching myself to exercise my ego. Now you got your more important pieces but even these aren’t perfect. These are the pieces who have great potential to take out the opponents king (rook, knight, bishop). These pieces have good, strong ego’s but are also very impressionable. If you’re the piece to take out the king, then you’d probably get a big head too. These pieces are strong, but also fragile just like ego’s; ego’s are extremely fragile. The control of your self worth will make you snap back at others who threaten you. This is a good feature because you no longer have to get walked on, but when that ego grows, you could become very aggressive and malicious with your actions and words. We’re all human, we’re all susceptible to the powers of ego. For instance, look at the queen on the chess board. Arguably one of the most feared pieces there is. She has the power to move as far as she can possibly go in any which direction she chooses. People with large, unhealthy ego’s become very ruthless, driven by the need for power, control, wealth, with the internal vision of themselves being the very best. These ego’s are slowly ruining the world. Many people in power have these, but why? It’s a truly hard science to explain but basically, you give a man power, and you see who they truly are. Our primitive instincts want us to matter. We strive to be liked and accepted, or at least accepted, although the ego will fool you into thinking your liked. When placed in front of powerful opportunities, our minds begin to play tricks on us, the little evil voice in our head begins to speak up, the little voice that speaks to us with the objective of temptation. These types of ego’s often destroys lesser ego’s (pawns, bishops, rooks, knights) in order to get where they want to be. They have the least bit of care for others, their goal is to take out the best of these ego’s, the king. You see the king is best because, well everyone is chasing him right? He can move any which way he wants, he holds the highest proclaimed power, and everyone is jealous. He is humble, usually never tries to attack anyone, his team members are loyal and will sacrifice themselves for him. He is a great commander. Your moves in life should not be limited to one single direction. Be like the king, move graciously, play fairly by the rules, but know your worth. Learn how to exercise your ego in a healthy way! No ego, will get you nowhere, large ego’s will destroy society, and influenced ego’s are one wrong direction away from growing out of control. Like chess; be sure to make your next move wisely!

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