There’s Still Redemption…

You ever feel like life is hopeless? Like the whole world is against you? Like everything you’ve ever done leaves it’s mark, and can never be removed? I’ve felt that. I’m not perfect, I’ve done many things I’m not proud of. I hold many things within that I still kick myself in the ass for. None of you really know me & would probably be surprised at where I’ve been, what I’ve seen & done in my life. Over the years though, despite everyone’s judgement, I’ve learned that these things can only stain themselves upon you if you let them. It’s hard to be the best version of yourself when everyone paints you the villain. “Don’t you know what he did a long time ago?” Why should the past define us? Time is an abstract thought created to bring organization to our lives in the passing days & nights. Therefore, our past doesn’t even exist. Only experiences. We wake up brand new the next day, with the ability to be someone better than we were the day before. Yet we refuse to give some people this option? It’s silly. Most of the ex convicts out there get absolutely no chance handed to them. Some of course never change their ways, but what about the ones that do, or want to? Do they not deserve to redeem themselves? What makes the ones without criminal records “so much better” that they are given the right to deny someone else their peace? Perhaps, you are a criminal, that just never got caught… 🤔 Kinda makes you worse though if so, because you never did the time for your crime. Some of these convicts lose years of their lives, some are even harshly charged for offenses that aren’t even that bad, or could have been solved with some education & morale training. Now they’re stuck searching & searching & searching for someone to give them a chance. Whether it’s the bank for a loan, a company for a job/career, or just a friend/lover. Yet, criminal is what they’ve been branded & because of this, they are further discriminated against for years, possibly decades to come. Kinda makes you wanna say screw it, and fall back into old ways huh? That’s the trap… That’s how the justice system was built. Keep the criminals, criminals. This widens the divide of social status classes. Let me be the one to tell you, despite whatever they put you through, don’t give up. Don’t ever stop trying to be your best self. Redemption is the most beautiful thing. Seeing someone go from drug addict to drug addiction advocate. Seeing someone go from a hustler to philanthropist. Seeing someone go from criminal to a law abiding citizen. Seeing someone go from cold blooded killer to a preacher. How the hell is that not beautiful? How can we not want that for others?? For someone who is down on their luck, to have the light of change shine upon them, and glorify them into the life they were meant to live, is just a miracle of nature itself. Now should we all pay our consequences? Of course. Do the crime; Do the time, that’s how it works. Get out and vow to yourself to a new life, a better life. Sad to say that criminal records will still exist.. but please don’t let that stop you. If anyone doubts you, then fuck them. You don’t need their approval. I BELIEVE IN YOU, I BELIEVE IN EVERYONE, THERE’S STILL REDEMPTION. 

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