Knot freed

I remember running, sprinting would be the word.

Lightening fast

Until everything became blurred.

I ran to the deepest part of my mind where no one would find me

And that’s where I resigned.

I created a house with a door that only opened one way

The knob on the outside so I could never run away.

Years spent alone

Gazing out the windows into the hollow black zone.

There’s something about the emptiness of void

That captures your heart and brutally destroys.

Never understanding why I was there

Never really knowing if anyone truly cared.

But I just waited patiently for the magic of season

Because what I did know, what that everything happens for a reason.

It was no real day

And no real moment

But what happened next was the ultimate bestowment.

The door opened and a man walked in

Jumped into the universe I was buried in.

He had eyes that calmed my fragile heart

And a sense of being that was truly a work of art.

He sat down beside me and wanted to talk

Asked me why i was stuck in the gridlock.

I looked at him like a ancient antique

But my soft little voice didn’t know how to speak.

He touched my hand, It was a gentle warm

But I pulled away because I was the freezing storm.

It was then when he saw my true broken soul

And he decided to show what it meant to be full.

It happened in a second that felt like forever

Bursting into colorful flames by the process of endeavor.

The next thing I knew I was standing in a white room

Looking at a mirror that at first was very unclear.

The more I focused the less I could see

The product was

Everything was me.

Then I saw I wasn’t alone, everyone was beside me

And I had finally reached home.

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