1ll 9n 6ne

I am not great yet, but am getting there.
I don’t know how to tell you more
I am getting better
Trust me the words that I speak will change the world it may take awhile but I will see you there. My work will pay off I will seek the truth
My work is for God.
My work is infinite.
My work is great.
I will live on through what I have wrote
It is wholly.
No I meant holy.
Is your way.
All is for this
Ma be proud can’t you see I dislike your frown i just want you to be happy. I love you more than I have ever been able to love anything I love everything
I am in love with love
Say it faster, sing it slower just make sure you go with the soul and what you must be
I see through the lies
I can finally see both of your i’s/iyis
Isis is love
That goddess is making the lovers fill up with love and respect we must see what is left. Say it faster and sing it slowly. We’ve been here before just changes the numbers one space at a time. So what is love?
What it is is it what
Whatever you make and model
What you make
Whenever you feel lonely with all the love around take your smile and let it grow like a river flow. Now you know how to be free. When you have nothing remember me. I will always be here for you. Now what will you do with this light I bisto unto you.
Take the flame and let these flowers use the light from the enlightenment to teach the flowers how to grow within it. Now back to the dream, welcome back sun.

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