Story of Time Through Others Eyes

Chapter 1 The Beginning of The Second Count to Infinity:
This will be a look into the life/philosophy of one person with whom life has expressed many secrets in the short span of existence so far. The day it all opened up, and closed down. 18 this life has been full of pain and sadness. That very pain is what made me grow. That is what motivated me to do better. I saw my life change right before my eyes, but it was a collaboration of my father’s M.S., his father’s cancer, and my mother’s stroke. My mother’s stroke is what taught me about my polar side. The realization that I can, therefore I should. In the manner of physical capacity. Seeing someone being partly trapped in the body is like a shell that has only half use. Meanwhile, my father’s ailments taught me to expect the unexpected. My grandfather being diagnosed with cancer showed me just how fast things can end for everyone/thing. The light for me was love. When I say love I don’t mean the hopeless mindreading romantic drama. I mean genuine love and compassion for all things.
My practice is one of high quality in knowledge. I am a self initiated hermetic shaman, and rituals are going to be a key for this work. Now that you know a quick rundown, shall we begin? I have searched all my life for happiness, but struggled with all different kinds of happiness. The society has become a breeding ground for misguided attempts of happiness. Dopamine, serotonin, melatonin. What do this things have to do with the previous? Well they are all in. The sad thing is that we don’t correctly control these chemicals, instead we abuse them with asc(altered states of consciousness).  First attempts were with dopamine. Games, books, then phones, parties. Adolescence went from simple and easy to interesting and informative in just a year. All my previous thoughts of observations were very complex in nature, but some others couldn’t understand my ways. I was deemed intellectually declined, due to misunderstood methodology. I used my complex thinking patterns to manipulate my surroundings to make things constantly in my favor. This pleasure was short lived, due to the polarity. As the years went by my thoughts became more and more complicated due to many generalized anxiety episodes. My hypothesis was to purpose all thoughts to avoid being stuck or scared and not be able to react. Intern maybe effective with prolonged periods of hypotheticals wandering around my mind aimlessly. The manipulation of people was a game to me. Looking back it is intended to be good but some of it was bad due to my own poisoning. Things I did negatively would later come back full circle and I deserved all I got. The game became all that I was though. If I wasn’t at the top of my game I would feel defeated. The people I met with power were also into me for some reason or another.  I thought long and hard about who/what/why things should be done. I had a good formula but needed to add on. I needed to find balance between life and death. This would be a several year addiction that taught me that I didn’t need to fear myself I needed to face myself and forgive also. The things for which I control I will consider more than those for which I can not. This is the best parts of my life afterwards. The lessons from this beginning is to provide the following information with all around context to the values that are to come of this script. These lessons are things you don’t see right in front of you, but you have chose to think they are not important. This is the reason of writing this. The pymander speaks to the deaf and blind with the same ideas in different ways. Body language is one thing I have found to help with multiple times I have been speaking to someone where I wanted to act a certain way to help better the situation for both parties. Eye contact, mirroring, and knowing when to be dominant or submissive. These few things can help you in the stickiest of times. The problem you are facing now is hard, but later will be easy. Something’s are just always made hard by choice of others. This is but ignorance. Some cases are of stupidity, but after years of stupidity you revert to ignorance due to tricking yourself.
Chapter 2 Did it Start?

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