The Story of 2L’s

Love and light
Love comes from up above and is filed just under light does this shit feel right
Is light alright, or is everything from here all to the right. Maybe this is why people hate the alt right the pendulum keeps going completely disregarding the the flow
Thing eventually become what you already know.
Please don’t go,
Please don’t row,
Hear what you know.
Say it back real slow that is what they say is the real foe. The h to be.
Use those beliefs to make water into concrete. Make a sturdy foundation then start being with some trees
Look deep inside of your own insights to see why you must be the same as the fugging bees
Keep buzzing through the trees
Kept pollinating the flowers for me
Can you say what we see?
(Please don’t go,
Please don’t row,
Hear what you know.) Simultaneously
Use manipulation to manifestations
Use your vibrations to eliminate the only hesitation which is just a one of seventy-two things that cause complications that cause cause miscommunication and inaccurate computations
Human to humain
Humanity to couple
Couple to computer
Computer to atoms
Atoms to love
Love to light
Do you feel alright?
Can you sleep at night?
Why can’t I?
I can’t say why.
I know you see why one can’t be bothered with anything when worried about everything.
Keep smiling and laughing while you learn to love light
Love life
Love lies
Love tries
Learn why
Now Earn I ‘s

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