the clock strikes 12
and im still in bed
trying to find something inside something thats dead
who am i kidding
i suppose myself.
its 1.
time to start
wasted enough time
what do i really want?
fine, ill go ahead and listen
temple of illusion.
shorthand confusion – haha its all in my head its okay if you lose it
its 2
what did i do with my life before you?
i guess i searched for more reasons
and colored myself an amazing collection
to just attract what i felt i wanted
my body told me other things
it just wants an evolution
well i guess i can distract myself now
its getting close to 3
by now though im standing still in the same spot before even today
grrr. excuse my french but fuck this cockroach style living
whoof im just a dog without a bone
and 3 has come and now im still alone
haha. stupid world and stupid me
im too broken to color again – fuck me!
oops dont go out of the lines
why oh why is it already 5!
i guess its truly time to focus on just me

ive dragged myself down the same path over and over again
why is it new every damn time then?
ah well i cant explain it all
im just a small piece and at the same time im them all.
isnt that weird. ah, back on my path
thats right, where to step this time?
i suppose after the second time – i shouldnt walk in the same footprints this time. maybe try walking backwards and blind.
that will show those demons of mine
imagine that path now at the bottom of an ocean
whoops, but im pretty tall i have a little room to breath in.
lots of water to grow from though
easier to drown like this too
for real, check all the statistics
well its time i start my new life again
make each moment last a lifetime
foot in front of foot and my mind will follow
damn bars have me crippled so its hard though
but thats okay – im stronger than i come off
i keep a low profile so i dont scare anyone off
maybe its time to turn the knob up a little though
high gain, less treble and middle, with a little bit of reverb
muster your strength, captain of your soul
and set sail in high winds you create
fuck that underwater hell
when the clock has striked 12 once again
keep strength inside this populated prison you live in
master of your fate
the clock has struck 1
focus on yourself
captain of your soul
fix your broken wings
fly off into the bathing sun


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