Magic Act

Elusive goal
keeping me going strong
reckless driving
with no music on
sometimes I lie – to myself
with no one else to show
I’ve planted some clues.
for myself – it’s a hell of a world
the damage lurks
hangs over me like a shadow
it doesn’t hurt
it’s just an abstract feeling I’m describing.
it’s the weight that wants me to crumble
not many have the control
to balance this world and yours
to grab the wheel and withstand
the see and understand
to know themselves yet show
to stay in the flow of each other
by now this circus act cannot happen
the damage lurks
and passes
off the rope and crashes
I’m off my flow don’t you people notice?
or is it one of those hidden facts
not spoken but hiding behind our walls
so plain as blue as the sky stays but only i can see it
right in our faces – but outside of our system
we keep even ourselves behind them
you know I’m outspoken and burdened
I might have tied myself to the tracks
that’s okay,
ill pull of an elusive magic act.