just listen

Close your eyes
get off the platform now
Those two only have lies
Like the world we live in
If I could let you hear these rhymes
Instead of only looking at them
Just close your eyes
Album cover to cover
Don’t ever open them
Its different this way
It’s just you and your lonesome
Deep down now
It’s where I’m the closest
I live in this hole
Moment to moment
But truth be told
I breath in and lose focus
No not drugs this time
Just the environmental stimuli
And how I’ve chosen
To react inside
Different then how I show it
I try very hard
To know just what I want to say
And get my closure
keep your eyes closed
and the axle is bent and broken
what the fuck am I
time to open
the only space I can truly try to know who I am
Now I’m in cover
instead of doing twice the moments
keep them closed forever

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