Strand Of Silk

There’s a sign in the window,
from where I stand it reads,
Caution, don’t love me.
So I check the hours and walk on in,
the woman at the counter calls out
“How’ve you been old friend?
Fancy seeing you again.”
“I’m already a bit confused,
have I met you before,
I’m pretty sure,
This is the only time
I have walked through that door.”
She cracks a crooked smile,
Flutters her hips and bats an eye.
“Why, of course you’re right,
This you is brand new.”
Suddenly it was a wave of deja vu
crashing through,
blurred pictures and fuzzy lines
my chest started up on fire.
She laughs and gracefully makes a drink
As if she knows how I think.
I’m watching her hands near the steam.
Stuck in between reality and a waking dream.
The way she carried the weight on her shoulders,
Like she knew it was a million pound boulder,
Since it was so heavy nobody was aloud to hold her.
Ensnared by her wispy hair,
the way she rocked back and forth
to the jazz in the air.
I took a seat and hit repeat on the feeling that washed over me.
Was I timid or frightened,
lost or enlightened,
limited or heightened.
As far as an answer goes,
my mind couldn’t find it.
Too quick on her feet,
gaze directly in front of me
“Here’s your coffee. A special treat
For you, the blue, the lonely sun that changes hues.
A partner that sees crime but doesn’t accuse,
The one who holds me up when I’m in a rut,
Knows my list but doesn’t see a slut.”
Intense eyes with a gentle haze,
soft lips and button nose,
falling into the well
wondering how far down it goes.
She whispers,
“As above so below.”
With a twist of the heel
like a lotus spinning in prana
She makes the darkness look like nirvana
As she makes her way back to the counter.
Still descending into a heavenly hell
I finally snap out and turn my eyes to the drink
It’s got a wisp of cream spiraling,
The potion comes up to my lips,
Only a sip
The song skips,
A sensory imprint
The cup goes down
I turn around
And walk out.
Only a single glance back
As the doorbell rings
The sign sings
Spiral Dream
And I see
One tear stream
Rolling down cherub cheek
And a hand clutching
At a Silver Silk String
Connected to the center of me.
The message intertwined in that divine line says,
“I’m forever yours and You’ll always be mine.”

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