Cure Through Toxicity

When have I sat, so long and so still
Not seeking another thrill,
developing new skills, and finally getting my fill
Of grief, and falling,
not calling
out for help.
I’m suffering for sure,
the hurt is coming in and making me more pure
The toxin was the cure.
Trust in the process
everything else can recess
and retrace it’s steps
But I’ll be moving on
Yeah, I’ll be moving on
Strength has been drawn from my weakness
and in the feebleness I found another
Reason, to rise higher than last season
All be it that I’m still cracking in my heart space
All the granite is starting to dismantle and crumble.
Don’t stumble on the inevitable.
Invite it with open accepting arms,
Allow it to disarm your defenses
Live it up without so many fences.
Was I trying to keep them out,
Or was I trying to cage myself in.
Maybe it was a combination
Can’t keep waitin
To let go of the old me.
Now that I’m changing,
insides rearranging.
bit strange when
I can’t even recognize who I was then.
Careless and not concerned with anyone but her.
Found out it was love when I lost it,
Playing big bad wolf with the lost kids
Now I’m just another house being blown down.
A king who lost his queen and his crown.
The thing I gained was my eyes
The ones that can peer inside and find
More truth
rather than listen to the thoughts of another mind
Hope time is on my side for this ride,
Been healing up to regain my peace of mind.
Now I’m putting one foot forward,
toward a better and brighter tomorrow
So the outside can be
Exactly as it wants to be.
Free of the opinions in me.
Programming gone too far
Staring off and not seeing beautiful stars
Just balls of gas,
and that’s not the imagination I want to have.
Restarting right now
How about we go out with a bang and not a fizzle.
I’m looking for the spark to make all life sizzle.
Let’s say we can make something from nothing
And let’s say we aren’t bluffing,
Let’s believe in a special kind of something.
Let’s believe in a special kind of loving.
Touching the shadow brought me into this,
The only way out was through and here I am with the blues.
Guess one day it’ll change hues.
Once learned, never forgotten,
I’m welcoming the challenges
To demonstrate how far I’ve gotten.
Thank you for all that you do, all that you are, and all that you choose.

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