Anger is a mask for the hurt inside,
I’m doing it to myself now so why am I surprised?
I’m not going to allow it to make me bitter,
Start to rotate the slate and become better,
forever in a few hours
Guess now I know how that feels,
to imagine every set of wheels driving by,
is you finally coming home,
but now I sit in a palace without a throne
The only thing inside is a table,
no chair to sit.
That’s your life right there in a blank room.
I see it now for what it really is.
I’m learning lessons from all the pages.
The books stacked up as I weaved my own fate,
now it’s time for me to feel dismay
But hey, you’re not blocking out your feelings,
finding creative ways of dealing,
Is this what all the people call healing?
Like going in for an incision and it cuts too deep
Enough to bleed out the toxins I’d eat?
Now I’m dispelling and I feel the felony
of heartbreak.
I understand more now than I ever have,
what it’s like to feel so safe,
then get the roof ripped off the place,
replaced with four walls and a lock
The clock ticking off time and every second is another mine blowing up
Waiting to explode and cause my “being” to corrode.
What a load of shit I’ve been living in
Thanks for breaking me,
thanks for being the one who could finally get the job done.
It’s been a little over a year
now it’s clear that I need to disappear.
Hear here!
Little Miah is using his tears
watering his garden
The little alchemist is present,
and his journey is just starting.

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