You only thought,
About yourself.
I promise;
I was only trying,
To help; I promise,
I was only trying,
To help;
But you set me,
Back on the shelf.
Counter attacked,
With pain dealt,
And; Drained me,
Of my health.
But you know what?
It’s alright.
I forgive you.
It’s alright,
It’s something,
I’ll live through.
I hope you,
Can sleep at night.
I’m not trying,
To fight.
You hurt me,
But it’s alright.
We’re all human,
We’re all human.

The aches,
The pains &,
Mental strains.
Ferocious rains.
Congested lanes.
Poking holes,
In my happiness,
Like junky veins.
You took everything,
That kept me sane.
Yet; You don’t hear,
What I’m sayin’?
But it’s my trauma’s,
That keep my rhymes,
Off the chain.
The longer I bane,
On my flaws,
The more I’ll want,
To change,
My plain existence.
An achievement,
Gained with persistence.
I must keep my,
Innocence of intuition.
Now that’s my religion.
Felt the suspicion,
Of the;
Holy ghost’s apparition.
Once aggravated,
But lately ambition,
Got my mind switchin’.
Used to blame it,
On a mental condition.
This thought,
Man what a prison.
Gotta break myself,
From this;
Consistent rendition.
These negative vibes,
Keep killin’ my mission.

I could hate you,
Where’s that,
Gonna get me?
That just ain’t,
The right move for,
This chess piece.
Reacting with negativity,
Only makes;
My soul decrease.
And honestly,
I’ll always hope,
To see;
Another fellow,
Human being,
So we had a falling out,
That doesn’t mean,
I wanna see you bleed.
I’m a bigger man,
Than my pride & greed.
Temptation only,
A seed;
Doesn’t mean,
I gotta feed,
With liquor & weed.
Sky is beautiful,
I can still breathe.
Life continues,
I feel it in the breeze.
I held pressure inside,
But I;
Was the only one,
Who could make it leave.
I got a chain of keys,
Each unlocks,
Brand new opportunities.
I was scared,
Of something new,
I got comfortable,
For a few.
Found myself,
On queue.
My visit there,
Only grew,
The more I stewed,
Within my,
Spiteful attitude.
Once upon a time,
I was quite rude,
It’s nothing but,
Water under the bridge,
My dude.

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