Behind the wheel,
Spacing off,
While the wipers peel.
Swervin’ lanes,
With dangerous steel,
Life can be so unreal,
Yo; What’s the deal?
I’m just tryna’ to heal,
I hunger;
Food for thought,
But won’t touch,
A single meal.
I nourish the things,
I choose to conceal.
Who cares how I feel?
I don’t.

Far far away,
Whole lot,
On my mind but,
Not much to say,
At least not today.
Its overflowing,
Need to dump,
My ashtray.
You been;
On my mind,
For quite some time.
You been;
On my mind,
It’s tragically divine.
Love & hate it,
At the same time,
Where’s the line?
I can’t help that,
I’m blind to the truth,
Whenever it shine.
Delusional I know,
Just don’t got the spine.
I inclined to sign,
Now agreements bind,
And they want half of mine,
When I already got,
Half a mind.
I’m high like,
All the time,
This is what I need,
To feel fine.
Can’t choose,
Between the booze,
And a sack of pine.
Why is life so unkind?
Why does it feel like,
I’m always falling behind?

Ever get so wrecked,
That it puts your ego in check?
When that C4 blows,
You better hit the deck.
Feels like everyone’s always,
Breathing down my neck.
Where’s my respect?
I give but;
Do not receive.
What’s your problem?
Just let me relieve.
These some;
Thoughts I retrieve,
On a full moon’s eve.
What better time,
To grieve?
Live how I wanna live,
Die how I wanna die,
I’m the one,
Who has to leave.
Why does time decieve?
Swear if I get,
One more pet peeve,
I may just suffocate,
My spirit can’t breathe.
Loves such,
An awful tease,
My heart’s got,
A sleeve;
Tattooed with,
Left over residue.
I need a rescue,
I promise;
This is the best,
That I can do.
Rambling on,
Did I mention that,
I’ve had a few?
I’m driving through,
Be a miracle,
If I just;
Crashed this vehicle.
Leave Earth,
To enter spiritual,
But my faith in life,
Will not permit this.
Minds been sleepin’,
Gotta wake up,
Like Christmas.
Don’t miss your chance,
When opportunity visits.
Don’t kiss it; All goodbye.
Don’t rush your fate,
To rest with angels in the sky.
It’s thoughts like these,
That makes God cry.
You wanna crash,
But why?

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