Every experience,
In fusion;
With fear & illusion.
The revolution,
Of my evolution,
Is knowing,
When it’s time,
To evolve.
Is knowing,
That everything,
Doesn’t revolve,
Around me.
I think;
Therefore I am,
I’ll forever be,
This world was,
Meant to see.

Sittin’ on the edge of my bed,
Screws in my head,
Beginning to unthread.
All because I choose,
To wallow on the hate,
That I’ve read, instead;
Of letting the positivity spread.
Why should I care what they think?
Why should I let their disapproval,
Allow me to sink?
I know I’m weird, I know I’m different,
But to me that’s just the kink,
That I needed to make my cause unique.
All that should matter,
Is the thoughts I produce,
And the words that I speak.
Life is a mystery,
And the truth is what I seek.
Despite what they say,
Using your knowledge,
Instead of your fists,
Does not make you weak,
Ain’t nothing wrong with,
Turning the other cheek.
Instead of being,
The image of hate,
How about you be,
The vision of peace?
We all have aggression,
But you’ve gotta find,
Progressive forms of release.
I write to recede,
My agony until it’s deceased,
Fold it up like a crease,
And store it away,
Into a folder that I can retreat,
Back to later;
So I can reflect on my defeats.
This is the way that I choose to grow,
This is the way that I choose to let go,
Relate it to something you know,
If we’re on this boat together,
Then grab the other paddle,
And help me row.
I’m here to benefit you,
We’re here to benefit us,
I know it’s hard,
But sometimes you gotta,
Just give in and trust.
Not everyone,
Wants to see you fall,
I hope I can inspire anyone,
Who opens their ears,
To hear my call.
I’ve been tired of,
Talking to walls.
Opening your mind,
Is the only way to evolve.
You don’t know,
What you don’t know,
But that doesn’t mean,
Someone else doesn’t have,
An answer to solve,
Your problems at hand,
Not everyone means to offend you,
When they reprimand,
Sometimes it’s just coming,
From the heart,
This is something that,
I hope you can understand.
Because if you never change,
Then your life will remain bland,
As you repeat your mistakes,
In the desolate wasteland,
That you’ve created, instead;
Of the future that God planned.
Imprisoned like fruit that’s been canned,
Into a never ending cycle spanned,
Across a collapsed time space continuum,
Jammed; within the realm of the damned.
Wanna fix your issues, spare the tissues,
Work them out through your sweat glands.
Determination seeps from pores,
Ambition is the key that unlocks doors,
Look at life more than a daily chore,
Wage that war,
With the demons in your core,
Live the life you swore you would,
When you were a kid.
Be the adult you dreamed of,
When you got big.
It’s all about;
What you’re going to do,
Not what you did,
The past is the past,
So leave it off the grid.
Right now;
You’re out of your mind,
You better snapback your lid.
Your opportunity is slipping away,
You better raise that bid,
Life’s moving fast,
Don’t become a skid mark.
Don’t get peeled off like tree bark,
Flip that switch;
Before the lights go dark,
Because a second chance,
Is just as likely,
As surviving in a tank of sharks.

I wanna evolve,
Into my best version.
My pursuit of truth,
Will be quite the excursion.
In the dark;
I can feel my demons lurkin’.
But I know one day,
I’ll get my inner light fixture workin’,
Better believe that’s certain.

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