I’ve got an..
Through trials..
Of transgression..
This is my..
Bipolar confession..
My sense..
Of self expression..
To the inception..
Of my..
Deepest descension..

My attitude;
Is somewhere between,
Kurt Cobain;
And Kirko Bangs.
Got this drank in my cup,
To burn the rain,
To neglect my pain,
Of troublesome thangs,
That have driven me,
To the verge of insane.
For real..
It’s a lot on my brain,
These thoughts,
Much too wild to tame.
I play life like a game,
Use cheat codes to change,
The main frame of the same,
Shameful claims,
That came with the blame,
That burden my name,
Roadblock my merge,
Into the fast lane of fame.
This pyromaniac,
Carries the eternal flame,
A trail of fire dances,
Behind the steps of my feet.
Ashes scatter,
Across the concrete,
Well ain’t that f__kin’ neat?
I ain’t about defeat,
I’ll take my L’s in discreet,
Rip the scripted sheet,
Start up the grinder and,
Make mince meat,
Of those;
Who f__k me on repeat.
I promise;
You don’t want this,
Meet & greet.
You’re probably safer,
Up in tha’ streets.
This complex mindset,
Is extremely bittersweet,
I’ve got emotions,
Buried deep underneath,
The surface.
I’m imperfectly perfect,
A mother f__kin’ treat,
Totally worthless.
Use my mental illness,
To expunge these curses.
Reveal my therapy,
Through these countless verses,
Til’ I can ultimately reverse this.

I keep falling,
Falling further,
From myself…
I keep calling,
Calling out,
For help…
Every memory,
I love;
I’ve thrown off,
The shelf…
I think this manic,
Behavior is,
Bad for my health…

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