Is better than here.
Is better than fear.
Is better than tears.
I’ve been stuck for years.
Gotta get away,
But screw the MapQuest.
The true path;
Is beating within my chest.

The days get long,
Time bleeds through.
Life grows dim,
I don’t know what to do.
I’m so bored;
I need something new.
Tired of my only escape,
Being a cup of brew.
Gimme a breath,
Gotta put life on pause.
Everything’s falling apart,
I can’t pinpoint the cause.
Maybe I cut myself,
And stuffed;
The wounds full of gauze.
Instead of acception,
I bury my flaws,
They soak in the roots.
My misery & destiny,
Are both in cahoots.
I fall victim to change,
I never followed suite.
Times burning out,
As I sift through,
The ashes of my youth.
There’s a world for me,
Just waiting;
To be discovered,
But alas;
I’m stuck here debating.
With patience running thin,
My bones are dissipating,
I mean really;
Am I living life or,
Am I imitating?
Passed with honors,
But never graduating,
Spiritual freedom.
I’m just trapped within,
My own solidified kingdom,
No exit;
Seems I got every reason,
To move in motions,
Trudge through the seasons.
Allowed my demons,
To swim;
Through these lesions,
Self inflicted.
Always improvised,
Never scripted.
There’s no medicine,
For this sickness,
I must overcome this,
Unrelenting wickedness.

Following the stars,
Til I reach my destination.
My life;
Is like a run on sentence,
That finally comes to a halt,
With an exclamation.
These cycles I’m trapped,
Will be my strangulation.
Repetition of the same life,
Is nothing more,
Than death by assassination.
Gotta keep moving,
But that takes dedication.
Rivers keep flowing,
Without any validation.
Tune my spirit,
Though practice & meditation.
I do it all for love,
Not just for the recreation.
My chakras in constipation,
Flesh n’ bones need a cleanse.
Spent my time making peace,
When I should’ve made amends.
Feelings sunk to deep,
Now I’m left with the bends.
I’ll take off in the night,
No warning;
Family or friends.
I must do this for myself,
I’ll let you know when,
My journey ends.
The course will be complete,
When I finally,
Recognize myself again.
Lately the mirror,
Just doesn’t reflect,
The face;
That I’d come to expect.
I’d try to,
Myself from,
Turbulent times,
That I was never exempt.
I just could not accept,
Anything less,
Than greatness achieved.
I’d fill my belly,
Yet still somehow dry heave.
A bitter emptiness,
That would never leave,
Til I found the fault,
Lied within the way I perceived.

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