My head is on fire..
My head is on fire..
These eyes;
Will soon perspire..
My head is on fire..
My head is on fire..
My head is on fire..
Burning out;
Short circuited wires..
My head is on fire..
My head is on fire..
My head is on fire..
Sing it to the choir..
My head is on fire..
My head;
Is on f__kin’ fire..
It’s spinnin’ like,
Rubber tires.
I’m so f__kin’ tired.

Rushing blood,
Flushing flood,
Gushing mud.
Nailed the stud,
Blooming flower,
Sippin’ suds,
Til the pain resides.
Crushed under,
The things;
I’ve held inside.
Bumpy roads,
With perilous rides,
Tossing oceans,
From tears;
The Gods cried,
Feel the turbulent tides.
To my merciless pride,
I see through you,
Blood shot; Wide eyed,
Both dead & alive,
Tim Burton; Corpse Bride.
Migraines; Got my brain,
Fajita fried.
Man; Why the hell,
Do I even try?
The bleedings internal,
It began without referral,
Could this;
Feeling be eternal?
Got all these thoughts,
Popping like kernels.
This poetry;
Is my spiritual journal,
My true salvation.
I jot these words for,
Therapeutic recreation.
Who cares;
If I don’t quite know,
My life’s navigation?
At least;
I’m not stuck at,
The same station.
Sinking in the tar pit,
Of hesitation,
Fading away like,
What even is this,
We only live;
The lives that,
We’re makin’.
Know the limits,
To patience.
Wait too long and,
May lose vacancy.
Tell me;
How’s that feeling,
Of complacency?
Did you achieve,
You dreamed?
Was everything,
As it seemed?
Seems everyday,
We get double teamed,
By both man & machine.
The gears of addiction,
Have kept me a fiend,
For looking between,
Walls of obscene.
The wickedly twisted,
Of a once serene,
Esteem turned extreme,
But at least my vision,
Remains keen;
And clearly screened.
Don’t feast the food if,
You can’t stomach,
This cuisine;
I feed the thoughts,
That keep me,
Somewhat grappling.
I find solace,
In quarantine,
I enjoy the silence,
Of boring things,
With nicotine,
A cup of caffeine.
The only vaccine,
For routine;
Is Dramamine,
Chased with gasoline.
Welcome to my,
Everlasting Halloween.

Blood vessels,
This migraine,
Normal brain functions,
Ultimately constipate.
I take my mind,
Migrate because,
I lack the patience to wait.
This ain’t no debate,
There is absolutely no escape,
I must accept this fate.
Denying it will not negate,
In fact;
It will only further complicate,
And the pain is to the point,
That I can no longer conversate.

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