You don’t wanna get your life together,
You think wasting time is better,
You just wanna get your love whenever,
Well I don’t think you’re clever.
No; No; No.
You should be out there,
Chasing your endeavors,
Instead mental illness be,
Triggering tremors. Been;
Frozen cold since December,
Only to thaw out mid November.
Don’t you remember the weather,
Bottled in what feels like forever?
I say truth’s in the mirror,
You say “Whatever”.

Staring at;
Cracks in the mirror,
Hoping your imagination,
Of eutopia becomes clearer.
Reflections of self shattered,
Battered to pieces,
Bloody fingetips puzzling,
Slabs of glass for a thesis.
Bit the hand that feeds,
Made from pure concrete,
Left you teethless,
But those bleeding gums,
Show no regrets.
You don’t wish to see,
Your own weakness.
Biggest fear is fear of self,
You hide all your secrets.
The mind is sleepless,
Seems these dreams fall,
Out of sequence.
Don’t lose control,
Of your soul.
Don’t reflect on,
Bodies image,
It’s the spirit that,
Makes you whole.
Karma’s come,
To collect the toll.
Don’t over stuff,
When the belly,
Of the beast is full.
In the back of nirvana,
Like David Grohl,
I hope one day you,
Retrieve that lost soul.

Can you face your fears?
Can you face your demons?
All running away does,
Is feed em’.
Can you let go of your excuses?
Can you let go of your reasons?
Hearts change like seasons,
To cover up the lessions.
The feeble minded stand,
In allegiance;
To deny their regions.
Don’t 💩 where you sleep,
The grim reap;
Is out here playing,
For keeps.
In the darkness he creeps,
But “he” is just,
Reflections of you & me.
In order to defeat,
The beast;
That lies within deep,
You must first,
Have unity.
Don’t hate,
The community.
Quit finding obstacles,
Within opportunity.
I’m just the messenger,
Quit shooting me.
Maybe blame yourself,
For your truancy?
We’re all susceptible,
To failure;
None have immunity.
You see my words,
As a mutiny, but;
I promise our lives,
Once had congruency.
Don’t be mad,
Cause’ I jot these,
Facts fluently.
Go ahead &,
View it as scrutiny,
I just wanna see,
You live beautifully.

Mirror; Mirror,
On the wall.
Mirror; Mirror,
F__k em’ all.
Looking in the mirror,
Ignoring them flaws,
Because it tears you inside,
Like razor sharp claws.
World’s still spinning,
As you sit on pause,
Waiting for applause,
Yet you don’t stand,
For a cause.

One thought on “Mirror…

  1. I am searching my mind for words to describe what you have done so fine. I am left with thousands of thoughts. That flow of a river you have can only grow bigger. You are both a giver and the deliver
    Activator of the arches
    Continue downriver


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