A Million Steps Ahead

Fade off into the distance
I can see a star coming my way
I can feel the waves and I’ll try
To keep on, keep up the right things
For the day
Keeping me in line
For the day that I hope comes
While I struggle here
I can’t accept the fact
I’m not struggling there
This day has
Too many nooks and crannies
Wrapped up in a few lines nicely
I couldn’t possibly show you it entirely
my fatal flaw –
I live not here but a million steps ahead
Silently bleeding
This is the path I regret
Life has come
And I will struggle on ahead
changing pace I’m at a crawl
These eyes seen enough
Not saying I’m done though
I’m just the one a million steps ahead
and me the one stuck here in what seems eternity
I am in constant misery – truth – it’s why I’m so lonely
in the moment I can forget about all that makes me lovely
in the moment I can be so angry
in this moment I’m a pilot flying into the unknown territory
hopefully before my line fades out and I run out of lead
hopefully a million steps ahead

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