Mental (Hay)Wire

My circuits are crossed,
Misfiring synapses
The structure collapses
All is lost
Nothing left
Until the next breath
What have I forgotten
What do I remember?
Is it a true memory?
Or something I’ve tempered
There’s an overload of voltage
Running through blown out wires
Struggling to forge connection
Struggling to force completion
The resistance can be measured
Ohms between coils
Watts to surge the wet spots
There’s a short
Nothing brings comfort
Here I am
Tangled again.
with power.
And knots that I wanna untangle
every hour.
How maluable,
the once safe plastic is now
This is life
This is learning what it’s about
This is feeling unsafe and unsure
This is being unseen and obscure
Living outside of the box
Creating the wrong things,
But failure never causes you to stop.
Crossed wires are not mistakes
Just energy going to the wrong place
Take the lesson and build a better bridge
So this motherboard that is my brain,
Can take a nanosecond to live.
Can take less than it gives.
Can be free.
Can free me.

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