The Great Work Begins Again

There are an infinite number of pages in the library of babel

Everything you have thought of in English is everything that isn’t though being written

I promise to use infinite loops to show others the way I have found made of hoops that contains all hopes and desire

It is a sphere that rotated around a hexagon to bring you here.

I think, therefore I am

I am for there, I think. Every character may be of matter and may have been used to recreate what was originally provided. These illusions created our enlightenment made of repetition of a soup recipe that is as big as an ocean yet mallable to the eyes of my fellow brothers and sisters. We are the writers of a timeless realm that will exist with or without us. So long as if is after us. Perhaps we are wandering around aimlessly making alignments of shuffled characteristics that make up for our thoughts, feelings, practice.

We follow a path or perhaps pattern of our own choice until uttered from ones mouth creates.

In the beginning was the Word,

and the Word was with God,

and the Word was God

I am but a man of manner but am I more?

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