I wanna live,
Like Dalai Lama,
But it seems,
That I can’t escape,
All this drama.
How bout’ you keep,
Your nose;
Outta my trauma.
Tell me what you know,
Hmmm.. Nada.
I’m stuck;
With all this drama.
Bullshit keeps me,
From nirvana.
Judge me or not,
Your honor;
But don’t dare dishonor.
Lord already knows,
That I’m a goner.

Some think,
Because I’m a poet,
That must;
Make me dramatic.
Excuse me;
I’m just ecstatic,
Bout’ my diplomatic,
This ain’t the life,
That I choose,
It chose me.
The pad & pen,
Is what;
Sets me free.
Let me flow,
With the energy.
What’s wrong,
With empathy?
What’s wrong,
With envisioning,
Everything that I see?
I just wanna display,
The things that make me.
The things that,
You’re too afraid to speak.
I find strength,
In exposing the feelings,
That peg me weak.
Sometimes life is like,
Twin peaks;
Strange & obsecure.
Is a bit insecure,
Because in the end,
We are all unsure.
So before you judge,
Did you ever concur?
Consider all sides,
Before you cast a slur.
Reality’s a blur,
Now a day’s,
We’re all human,
No her or sir.
We don’t talk about,
We don’t pour our,
Hearts out; Anymore,
We just stir.
Our words; No longer,
Impeccable & pure.
We’ve been poisoned,
Without a sight of cure.
We never live moments,
In the spur;
Our heads held,
Under water,
By the hands of,
Society’s slaughter.

Some think,
Because I’m a poet,
That my life,
Must be tragic.
My life is quite magic!
You know;
You gotta go through,
The bad shit to grow.
It’s that monsoon,
Of unnecessary havoc,
That drags me down low.
Shot with adrenaline,
How you gonna tell me,
To take it slow?
No; No.
That’s not,
The way this goes.
You can’t stop this,
Once it flows.
Despite your drama,
I can take on,
Anything that life throws.
I stay toe to toe,
With my woes & foes.
From the flames I arose,
With a second chance,
To seek my peace.
God still got my soul,
On lease.
With the belly,
Of the beast, I feast;
No more dramatics,
I hold my,
Futures schematics.
They say;
Once an addict,
Always an addict.
That may be true,
But that don’t mean,
I’m still defined by,
My broken habits.
I can’t help drama,
Sticks to me like,

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