Goodbye; Old friend,
I’ll see you around.
Rest in peace now,
Sleep & sound.
Goodbye; Old friend,
I’ll see you around.
I sincerely hope that,
You wanted was found.

Time only counts,
Down my friend,
And I see that,
You’re praying for,
An early end.
With no patience,
To spend;
I sense a history of,
Playing pretend.
Can I help you remend?
Can I help you,
Put them problems,
On the dividend?
Please let me help,
I just wanna see,
My friend smile again.
I know you don’t,
Love yourself.
I know your too,
To ask for any help.
You won’t find solace,
Making that spoon melt.
You won’t find relief,
Choking your veins,
With that belt.
There’s better ways,
Your pain to get dealt.
You think life is,
Everything it seems,
But you still lack,
Knowledge of your,
True self;
I wish you could see,
Your true wealth.
I know; I know; I know,
I’ll never know,
What you really felt.

These days;
Broken smiles,
Are back in style.
We’ve been living,
In pain and turmoil,
For quite some while.
Counting floor tiles,
As we await our trials.
Another day dies in,
The shadows of,
The sun dial.
Snapped your ankle,
On the last mile,
Now it seems that,
Your whole life,
Is in a downward spiral.
You kept running,
Now there’s nothing left.
That heart of gold,
Has finally died within,
Your chest.
You knew I’d always be there,
To see you at your best,
But I get it man,
We all need some rest.
It was the obvious signs,
That I had second guessed,
And here I am,
Cleaning up the mess.
The aftermath of a man,
Who was severely depressed.
To blind to see that his life,
Was truly blessed.
Let this be a lesson to others,
To confess;
What’s got you stressed.
I’m sorry;
I was blind,
To your pain.
I’m sorry;
I didn’t see,
Your change.
I’m sorry;
I was caught up,
Had a lot on my brain,
I too; Am just trying,
To stay sane,
Under a cloud that,
Always rains.
I too; Would like to,
Like David Blaine,
But I don’t wanna,
Die in vain.
I don’t blame you,
For wanting,
To relieve your pain,
That shit’s a chain.
Leeched on like,
A government name.

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