And in this moment,
I knew I had potential.
You want a ride,
But this mental drive,
Ain’t no rental.
I insure my rhymes,
Like Prudential.
My soul;
So existential,
Pushing my credentials,
Is quite essential.
I advise you,
To seek parental,
Because these truths,
Aren’t ever gentle.
But it’s from the heart,
I’m very sentimental.
This mind;
Is more than just,
My utensil.
I unleash the beast,
I grip the pencil.
Without a trace,
No stencil.
My veins drip ink,
Like a leaky pen hole,
Bleeding onto the sheet.
Writing out my thoughts,
Til the page complete.
Death to my demons,
This is the only way,
To defeat;
Their sinister plots,
Played on repeat.
Come on in;
And take a seat,
But wait your turn,
Because this moment,
Is just for me.
When I’m lost,
In the moment,
Let me be.
When I’m lost,
In the moment,
Is what you’ll see.
Dug deep;
Into the moment,
Rooted like tree.
When I’m locked,
In the moment,
It is I;
Who holds the key.

And in this moment,
I knew my life had promise.
I swear to the ones I love,
That I will remain loyal & honest,
Cause’ honesty to me,
Is honestly;
The most important thing,
That I could ever be.
However unfortunately,
It gets misused commonly,
But to what degree?
How many of us truly,
Live free?
How many of us,
Stand in the mirror,
And get confused,
By who we see?
Haunted by the trilogy,
God; The Devil, & Humanity.
Such a circling insanity,
Buzzing like a bee,
Don’t fuck with the hive.
Ain’t no mother fucker,
Gonna take me alive.
This gassed up engine,
Only knows drive.
These wheels only know,
What the fuck is slow?
I don’t know,
But I don’t got time,
To doze.
All I got is this moment,
My only goal is to own it.
A boundless universe,
I’m ready to roam it.
As I blow aroma,
To zone it.
Don’t worry,
You’ll get your turn,
But right now,
This is my moment.

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