Who I Am

sorry if I wasted your time
why have I ended up here
I guess its a hereditary destiny
mind body and soul are as strong as they can be
but sometimes mine is weak and receding
like my nerves screaming out at my body as I push forward
I suppose its natural though
hard knock – hello who’s there?
life and I’m not making it easy
could be worse though – side comment from my enemy
makes me more interesting
aged from a lack of normal and anyone having a backbone
sad song – made my life curvy without a good platform
not a one to learn an example from
had to teach myself the right way in my own frame of mind
watching the mistakes from the previous line
time to create the perfect mutation and start a new one
i’m not the only one trying to fix a sinking ship though
i’m sorry for you others and my brother please stay strong
sister don’t give in and make your life even worse
I feel your grief – I say to the ones I came from
wherever I march my feet I carry you with me
whatever I succeed you finish with me
wherever I fail you fail with me
I trust my mind to push me forward
I trust the blood that flows in me
I hope I take this life and make it my version of destiny
I let this world observe my soul
I let it come and go
I am not being taken control of though
I take and leave and bring it all along wherever I may roam
I don’t know who I am
that’s okay ill write a few poems

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