Rip my stem,
From this Earth,
Give me legs,
Give me birth.
Give me responsibility,
To cherish my work,
The fact they don’t serve,
What I deserve,
And it hurts.
Yes; And it hurts,
But tbh;
It could be much,
Much worse,
Than I could,
Possibly think.
After all;
Life can disappear,
In a single blink,
Now let that sink in.

April showers,
Bring wildflowers,
We bloom;
Into our hidden powers.
Marinate many days,
Upon hours.
These dark towers,
King of the cowards,
Take hold of the throne.
Skull & crossbones,
To those;
Who step up in my zone.
This world is my home,
I jonze;
Another realm to roam.
Sippin’ styrofoam,
Using grammar to script,
Some spell tomes,
Manipulating genomes.
Rearrange the stars,
Within your astrodome.
You can resist like ohms,
You’ll still get a dose,
Of the syndrome.
Feeling so high you’re,
Boned to the stone,
Head spinnin’ like,
A cyclone.

Walking through,
Fields of colors,
Skies of blinding blue.
Can we just plant here,
And dream for a few?
Colonel Mustard,
Couldn’t get a clue,
Even if he wanted too,
Even with the help,
Of Nancy Drew.
So many terrors that,
They never knew.
Don’t be part of the very few,
With that bullshit to spew,
Still waiting for things,
To fall in place on queue.
You gotta wake up,
To what’s due,
Just like the morning dew.
Just like the rising sun,
The horizon on the run.
Deep down,
There’s something,
We’re all running from.
Perhaps it’s ourselves,
Holding the silenced gun,
To our heads, overcome.
Wishing we could go back,
To before this life had begun.
On the verge of everything,
Finally coming undone,
But; Your battle ain’t yet won.
You can still quadruple the sum,
You just gotta open your eyes,
And quit playin’ dumb.

We grow; We know.
We grow; We know,
We know nothing,
Nothing at all.
We grow; We know.
We grow; We know,
We know nothing,
Nothing at all.
We live from spring,
To fall;
And die in the winter,
Frozen solid,
Straight through the center.
We grow; We know.
We grow; We know,
We know nothing,
Nothing at all.
We grow; We know.
We grow; We know,
Knowing everything is,
Only a brick wall,
To assume so means,
You’ve reached,
The end of your hall.

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