Another Bipolar Monday

Thanks for the punishment I crave,

From being a slave to my own twisted game

Lost and afraid, no hope nor shame

Now to reclaim the title I refer to as a name

Embrace the thought i’m just a little insane

And have a tendency to misbehave

Impulsive reactions from emotional states

That tips the balance of the scales of Fate

Allowing me the awareness to demonstrate

That yes, besides the fool that is this face

And the heart that always gets in the way

The piece that’s desired can be reclaimed

For that’s a part of me I will never change

But that doesn’t mean I didn’t hide it away

And try to pretend I could never be the same

Either better or worse, depends on the day

My jumbled thoughts still leave me with so much I want to say, yet here I lay

Just another Monday in my own space

By that I mean brain, my mind’s still racing

And this my dear is the manifestation of Mania

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