I haven’t looked through this seeing glass in awhile
I haven’t had to plea my case to myself in awhile
I’m going down a new corridor and it isn’t as lonely
so I apologize to you and who you’re becoming
from my story, I can write new lines and set them in stone
gravel and dirt roads I bid you farewell my humble abode
flame grows hotter and changes to blue
obstacles lined in front of me – I didn’t choose the easy hall
that is okay – I am a fighter and I wont fall
nevertheless, my enemy creeps
If I fail – I’m not sure what else I will seek
cold damp swamps are what I’m running from
emotionless i hold my gaze
behind the curtain I am running the gears
lots of work to do but those swamps are no home to me
I shall find every ounce of fortitude that I have hidden away
If I break then I know life has bested me
my body aches but I’m going to be fine
my back breaks but I will not be crushed from gravity
It’s a coincidence that the world wants to crush me
of all the time it had now I’m chosen to be tested
life sure has a way to script it
my whole life I have fought and it’s what I shall do again
I bring my fight to a different realm than this one
if my body fails me. If I fail me — I won’t
time’s truth tested by misery

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