Is quite contagious,
Talkin’ bout it,
Is what makes it,
So famous.
What they did,
Is so outrageous!
There I go again,
Talkin’ some shit.
You can spit it out,
Or bottle it,
But before you do,
Ponder this,
Is your life perfect,
To represent?
Don’t be another hypocritical,
Establishment of society.
It’s none of my business about,
Both his or her sobriety.
I could care less if,
They try to lie to me.
The only thing,
I’m focused on is,
The person;
I’m inspired to be.

You’ve got,
Many to choose.
The right ones,
Could save a life,
The wrong ones,
Will leave you,
With a lot to lose.
Often we abuse,
The vernacular,
In search of,
Taboo topics,
That fuel;
The ooo’s &,
Talkin’ cheap,
Only judging lives,
With nothing but a peep.
Toss & turn in our sleep,
Eyes closed but,
Our minds keep,
Dreaming for something,
To satisfy;
Something to brighten,
The saddest eye.
Pass off the tears,
To spare your cry,
Even if that means,
You deny;
Someone’s chance,
To fly.
High & dry,
Like that;
Radiohead guy.
My oh my,
We lack trust,
Never wonder why,
We bow towards hell,
While we pray,
To heaven in the sky.
What’s your right,
To blame;
When you never try?
You can keep,
Chatting life away,
As time passes you by.
But the unhappiness,
Of your life;
Ain’t that hard to spy.
I bet that’s why,
We gossip; Because,
Talking down on others,
Softens the irrefutable lie.

Did you hear,
About so & so?
They fell off the wagon,
Slipped off their roll.
They did something human,
Let a moment of weakness,
Take control.
They hurt themselves,
Both mental & physical.
Look at me;
Speaking on this like,
I’ve kept myself whole.
Like I live perfectly,
Like life ain’t out here,
Workin’ me.
Like I have full,
Of my emotions,
I see from the outside,
But wtf do I know?
I mean;
Am I really aware,
Of wtf they’re,
Going through though?
Even I have,
My own ways to slow,
Down time.
The key to survival,
Is shifting;
Your own paradigm.
I expose my roots,
Through rhyme.
I paint my faults,
Having faults is fine.
Luck’s got nothing,
To do with spine.
Life’s a climb,
At least each step,
Brings you closer,
To sunshine.
You’re not perfect,
So knock off the gossip,
Just because,
You can’t unbottle,
Your whine;
Doesn’t mean,
You need to,
Speak upon mine.

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