Infinity; Surrounds.
Infinity; It’s all around.
Is both the atmosphere,
And the underground.
Is the royal king,
And his golden crown.
If you search inside,
I bet infinity can be found.
You got the whole world,
At your finger tips.
Don’t let it slip,
Better tighten up,
With vice grips.
Feeling like your sanity,
Is on the fritz,
Because you can’t keep,
Control of your wits.
Get it together!
Tears falling like rain,
You gotta;
Change your weather,
Sunshine is much better.
Be tough like leather,
The wind-chill turns cold,
Bring 2 sweaters.
Thoughts chained down,
Let your mind,
Float free like feathers,
Through the air,
The rest of your endeavors.
A successful life is,
Mere mechanics,
You’re just not pulling,
The right levers.
I just want you to remember,
To never surrender!

Infinity is inside you,
Infinity will guide you,
Is beyond & behind you.
But stare too long,
Infinity will blind you.
Love lives within,
The universe,
It knows exactly,
Where to find you.
Soul & body;
Connected by strings,
That bind you,
To the galaxies,
That extend;
To the end of existence.
Let the vibes inside,
Give up the resistance.
Open yourself,
To the possibilities,
Despite the probabilities.
Own this world,
Like it’s your facility,
Showcase to everyone,
Your abilities.
Exercise your ego with,
Pride & virility;
While remaining humble,
Maintaining a sense of sensibility.
Keep in mind these words,
Of my soliloquy.
Watching the destruction,
Of mankind is killing me.
I used to sympathize,
But now;
All I feel is empathy.
Logic is telling me,
To give up my message,
Keep it to myself,
Use it as leverage,
If I dumbed it down,
You all would probably,
Drink it up like a beverage.
I’ve got people that I,
Should’ve cut off,
I don’t think they could,
Survive that severance.
Whatever man;
Follow your preference,
No matter how treacherous,
It is to your presence.
Just know;
I gave you the reference,
I’mma little too generous,
Giving advice to those,
Who live effortless.
My need to save everyone,
Is going;
To give me a hemorrhage.
If I save anyone,
It’s gotta be myself.
I’ve gotta preserve my,
Inner wealth.
Myself alive & happy,
Is the best way that I can help.
I’ll write all the words I know,
Place them on the shelf,
For you to find.
I’ll never force it on you,
Although I have faith placed,
Within my mind.
Infinity is inside us all,
Absorbed & confined.
Use it to your advantage,
Waste it all tonight,
Because every bright star,
Will eventually run out of shine.
I spread;
The peace & love,
A vessel from,
The heaven’s above.
I spread;
The guiding truth,
The troubled youth,
Before they,
Resort to the noose.
I spread;
The secrets of life,
You can release them,
Going under the knife.
I spread;
The true roots,
Of humanity,
The original foundation,
Way back before,
We soiled this insanity.
I just want;
To make you smile,
It may not be,
The topical trend,
I’mma bring it back,
Into style.

My verses;
Are like the universe,
I work better alone,
That is why I am,
My recipe is all original,
My style though is,
My potential is,
On the rise,
Watch me ascend this,
All expectations.
Looks like I have written,
My own chapter of,
Constructed my own reality,
With pure imagination.
Self absorbed to the point,
That there’s no more,
You’re damn right,
If you think,
I kill these poems,
To release my aggravation.
Honestly; To feel otherwise,
Is quite an allegation,
Absolutely; No exaggeration.
Nahh; No elaboration,
Can infiltrate this conversation.
Best believe I got the confirmation,
To conquer the congregation.
My prophecy was scripted within,
The constellations,
To the celestial celebrations.
Free our imprisoned minds,
Into infinity;
It’s an inter-stellar evacuation,
I extend thee an invitation.

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